Welcome to R&R Performance

     We have one of the busiest single dyno installations in the country. To date, we have tested over 5,300 engines, with over 400 engines a year for the last five years. R&R Performance has tested engines ranging from a 13.2 hp Perkins diesel to a 650 cid naturally-aspirated Ford making 1,217 hp. Probably the most unusual engine was a 165 hp chainsaw engine for a two-man cutting competition in Wisconsin. New fixtures are necessary to accommodate the many different styles of engines. For instance, snowmobile engine testing required a special mounting fixture and an exhaust collection hookup for 4 inlets. Visit or "Overachievers" and "Oddball" pages to see some of the more interesting engines tested.

With the recent purchase of a docking-style SF-902 engine dynamometer, we have the capabilities of testing up to 2500+ horsepower and also of testing horsepower loss through transmissions.

The SF902

What we test
 Virtually any engine with an output shaft to which we can connect. Auto, marine, tractor, 2 cycle & 4 cycle snowmobile, motorcycle, chainsaw, Corvair, Porsche, Ferrari, V-12 Lincoln, blown Packard straight eight, Pro-stock, 1943 Sherman tank engine, using five Chrysler in-line sixes on a common crankcase with a cubic inch total of 1267. These are but some of the types of engines that have been tested. Of course, there are many variations of these engine types. Just call with your engine testing needs and if we do not have the items necessary to test your engine, we may be able to work with you to build them