The SF-902
Configurable Engine Dynamometer

The SuperFlow SF-902 is the next generation engine dynamometer for all levels of engine builders. The SF-902 replaces our sturdy, industrial-duty SF-901 system that has proven itself over and over during the past 20 years. Equipped with a super-fast electronics package and a unique engine cart/engine stand, the SF-902 is simply the most versatile engine dynamometer system on the market. Period.


The Console

SuperFlow's XConsole Classic provides state-of-the-art control and data acquisition capabilities. Internal system communication is done through CAT5 computer cables, and all gauges and meters can be removed and replaced from the front panel.
There are no wiring harnesses or card-edge connectors on the XConsole Classic. The XConsole Classic is outfitted with a variety of gauges to suit your needs. Large LCD screens show live data, lighted rocker switches control engine and test cell equipment, and panel meters display torque, speed, power, or any other important data. Other advantages of the XConsole Classic are the ability to interface with automatic or manual servo control, electric, hydraulic, or cable throttle control, test cell controls, and safety limits. The XConsole Classic can collect and display data at 100 times per second. The ProFilter is used to produce results with extreme precision and no filter offset during acceleration testing. Programmable safety limits are standard on the XConsole Classic. Safety limits monitor a variety of operator-chosen variables (such as oil and coolant temperature) and can either flash a warning message or shut the entire system down.
Software for Dynamometers

WinDyn...powerful, yet easy to use
We use WinDyn ™ with SuperFlow dynamometer data acquisition systems. WinDyn provides quick and easy test design and configuration, real-time data acquisition and display, and convenient test-data management, display and reporting. It lends a friendly computer interface to the SuperFlow dynamometer's electronic hardware system. WinDyn works on personal computers running Microsoft Windows ® operating systems. WinDyn communicates with the dynamometer via Ethernet or a serial connection from the personal computer to the SuperFlow data acquisition hardware.